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Cutting-edge features

Tired of Slido’s basic tools holding you back? Pigeonhole Live transforms your meetings and events with AI-powered features and instant insights, offering a superior and more advanced alternative.

More audience capacity

Scale easily with Pigeonhole Live, handling over 50,000 attendees and outperforming Slido for big events. See how our Q&As boosted ExileCon, enabling real-time engagement for over 300,000 attendees! Learn more

Intelligent Q&A insights

Get more insights beyond Q&As with Pigeonhole Live. See summaries of key takeaways, highlights of important topics, and detailed sentiment analysis to help make future improvements to your meetings and events.

Enable inclusive discussions

Overcome language barriers and expand your event's reach with Pigeonhole Live's AI Translation. Offer localised Q&A and ensure every voice is heard, outperforming Slido's limited inclusivity options.

Flexible session planning

Boost attendee engagement with Pigeonhole Live's dynamic Agenda feature. It offers unmatched flexibility for all event setups, from simple to advanced, outperforming Slido's basic scheduling options.

Advanced branding options

Tailor your event's appearance with Pigeonhole Live's extensive branding options, ideal for those needing customisation to fit their virtual event platform's look and feel, a level of flexibility beyond Slido's capabilities.

Powerful event integrations

Pigeonhole Live offers seamless, custom integrations as an alternative to Slido's complex embed codes. This streamlines the event setup process and improves both audience engagement and the attendee experience.

Transparent pricing

Frustrated by location-based pricing? Pigeonhole Live offers fair, global pricing, making it a cost-effective Slido alternative with flexible plans to suit your needs.

Monthly plans
100 attendees
200 attendees
1,000 attendees
5,000 attendees
More than 5,000 attendees
$8/moSave 54%
$25/moSave 66%
$17.50, £12, €15 /mo
$75, £50, €60 /mo
$200, £150, €150 /mo

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Pigeonhole Live vs Slido:
Feature comparison

Struggling with event management and audience engagement using Slido? Pigeonhole Live simplifies it with active participation, easy feedback, and live insights for informed decisions.

Maximum audience capacity
Live Q&A with moderation
Q&A Moderator Panel
Q&A Insights & reports
Q&A AI Translation
Q&A AI Sentiment analysis
Various Live Polls
Moderated Live Chat
Reactions feature
Multi-track, multi-day Agenda
Announcements (Push/Scheduled)
Custom embed code with auto-fill data
Presentation integrations
Video meeting integrations
Open API access
Custom branding and themes
Live Themes
White labelling options

Hassle-free integrations

Simplify workflows and boost attendee experiences with Pigeonhole Live's integrations. Our platform offers a broader range of integrations compared to Slido, streamlining the experience for organisers and participants.

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What customers have to say

It is super simple and easy-to-use. I recently used it in my company's town hall for the first time. It took me less than 15 minutes to set up a Q&A session, and less than a minute for the employees to login and start sending their questions.

custommer image

Xanthe A

Chief Commercial Officer

I am incredibly pleased with the support and flexibility...for our company town hall event hosted by Pigeonhole. Their responsiveness and ability to adapt to our dynamic needs made the entire process seamless. They are a reliable partner that provided excellent service. Highly recommended!

custommer image

Wei Chon W.


Our attendees aren't very technologically savvy, and after 3 years of using Pigeonhole Live, we have had no complaints or issues with them using it. I also love that they don't have to have a password to get in. That is a huge thing for us.

custommer image

Emily Lila P.

Freelance Graphic Designer

I highly recommend this platform for use on an enterprise level as well as for your smaller events. The team even went as far as to develop an integration with IBM (our streaming platform). This was completely above and beyond, and we love the team for doing it!

custommer image

Reece D.


Easy to use; you get what you see. Pro enterprise and very secure policies ensure clear data ownership. No-frills engagement; not the kind that asks for money for everything.

custommer image

Rob Z.


Frequently asked questions

Pigeonhole Live offers competitive and transparent pricing, ensuring that you get value for your investment. Our pricing is designed to be fair and flexible, catering to various event sizes and needs. Unlike Slido, we offer a simple global pricing model, eliminating the need for different pricing tiers based on regions.

Pigeonhole Live integrates seamlessly with a wide range of platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex, providing you with options to enhance your meeting and event experience. Unlike Slido, we also offer integration with Microsoft SharePoint, expanding your capabilities for employee collaboration and content management.

Pigeonhole Live offers seamless custom integrations with many event and video platforms, including Brightcove, Swoogo, Zoom Webinars, Splash, Jublia, Hopin, RainFocus, Gevme, Bizzabo, Socialive, Eventbase, Kaltura, Lineup Ninja, Speaker Deck, SlideShare, YouTube, Vimeo, and Kollective. In contrast, Slido relies on the use of complex embed codes for integration with your preferred event platform.

Pigeonhole Live is rated higher than Slido on G2 for its outstanding customer support, offering timely assistance and resources to ensure your meeting or event runs smoothly. Our friendly support team is available to help you with any issues or questions you may have, providing a level of service above and beyond your expectations.

Yes! Pigeonhole Live is designed to handle events of any size, including large-scale conferences and town halls, with an audience capacity of over 50,000 attendees and up. Our platform's scalability and performance exceed Slido's, delivering a seamless experience for both organisers and participants alike.

Pigeonhole Live offers several unique features, including AI-enabled translation for Q&A sessions, sentiment analysis powered by AI, advanced moderation tools for efficient question filtering and prioritisation, and extensive customisation and branding capabilities.

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