Browse through all the sessions at one glance

Once your attendee logs into Pigeonhole, they will see all the interactive sessions of the day, at one glance. During the set-up, you can customize the title and description according to your preference. With clear Title and Descriptions, your attendees can navigate easily and access a Q&A, Poll or Survey quickly during the event. This is perfect for multi-track conferences with breakout sessions.

Sessions will start automatically, according to schedule

All the sessions are arranged in the order of scheduled start times. During the set-up, you can determine the Start Times of Q&As, Polls and Surveys – they will start automatically as scheduled.

Flexibility to Show / Hide the Sessions

You can even Hide a specific session first, then Show it when you want to. In this way, you can keep the interactive sessions relevant to your contents, or simply to inject an element of suspense to keep the crowd energised after a good coffee break.

Nesting Polls and Surveys

If you have Polls or Surveys for a specific speaker or plenary discussion, you can nest them within a Q&A. In this way, your attendees can directly access these Polls and Surveys within a Q&A, without having to pop in and out of the Agenda. This will also keep the Agenda neat and easier to navigate for the attendees.

Speaker Profiles

Add speakers to your sessions, along with their profile pictures and biography. You can define speakers as Moderators in a panel discussion and that will show up accordingly in the session agenda.


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