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Engagement at our core

From the first prototypes, our drive to increase engagement defines our every design and UI/UX decisions. For example, attendees are always one screen away from any Q&As, polls and surveys.


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The quickest way to on-board users with no app download required. Delivers the highest rate of audience engagement while not compromising the user experience.

It just works

Unparalleled user experience. No setup or coaching required. Intuitive and beautiful user interfaces with instant response and invisible updates when information changes.

Tailored support

Organising an event is a demanding job. But it needn't be so with Pigeonhole Live. We can work with you from start to end, sharing valuable advice and providing support whenever you need it.


Our infrastructure is built to handle the demands and scale of your event - always online, always ready for your event.

Ways to use Pigeonhole Live

Perfect for industry conferences attended by professionals, or staff town hall meetings.

External Events

Industry players and key stakeholders gather at your event to share and learn. With Pigeonhole Live, speakers can now effectively engage with your audience and have meaningful conversations.

  • Public Forums
  • Seminars
  • Customer Engagement
  • Industry Conferences
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Internal Events

Communication between management and staff should be a two-way conversation. With Pigeonhole Live, you can now have real conversations in your organisation.

  • Town Halls
  • Staff Meetings
  • Sales Kickoff Meetings
  • Online Meetings
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