Question & Answer

Because questions matter. They unlock wealths of knowledge, trigger thoughts and ideas, and get conversations going between strangers. Q&A powered by Pigeonhole Live at your events, engages and empowers everyone in your audience to comfortably ask questions and add their weight to questions that matter.

Find out how you can improve Q&A and panel discussions at your events below.

Ask or Vote

Audience members can easily post questions to speakers anonymously or with their identity. Questions posted can be voted on by others in the audience, easily helping speakers to identify popular questions or topics to discuss.

Curate the content posted

Perhaps you wish to focus the discussion on specific topics or you want to ensure the quality of questions posted. We give you complete control over all user submissions with question filtering enabled.

* Requires Engage or Captivate plans.

Question wall (Projector Panel)

Project a live display of the top 9 questions. As attendees vote on the questions, questions get re-sorted. When the Speaker or Moderator addresses a question, show the question as a speech bubble to focus everyone on the discussion.

Moderator Panel

Speakers and Moderators have a purposefully designed interface, touch-optimised, for them to see questions as they arrive. They are empowered to then select questions to answer, and question will be automatically reflected on the Projector Panel.


Attendees are anonymous by default. This helps promote open dialogue between stakeholders by enabling questions that matter to be asked. You can however disable anonymity when setting up the Q&A. With this disabled, attendees must identify themselves before posting a question.


Attendees can choose to identify themselves when posting questions through signing in with their Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook identities or just by entering their details.


Users can also comment on questions submitted by other users. It can be an added thought, an opinion, or simply a suggestion.

Download data

After a successful, engaging Q&A, all that data can be exported in PDF and Excel formats. Perfect for sharing with the team. Use the data however you wish to, for follow-ups, press releases and more.


How Q&A works in Pigeonhole Live

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