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Live Q&A

Run inclusive and efficient Q&As at your hybrid, virtual, or in-person events and meetings. Fits seamlessly into your favourite meeting and event platforms.

Run inclusive Q&A sessions

Create equal opportunities for participation for your remote and onsite attendees. With Pigeonhole Live, you can add Q&As to your favourite meeting and event platform, and also share a direct link to onsite attendees so everyone can ask and vote on questions.

Maximise Q&A time

Collect questions in advance, prioritise top-voted questions, and add text answers to follow up on any unanswered questions to keep your Q&A time focused and productive.

Powerful admin tools

Customise Q&As to meet your meeting and event needs with our comprehensive admin tools. Go beyond Q&A moderation, with direct replies, text answers, customisable question view and more.

Project your questions

Bring focus to your discussions by displaying the question you are addressing on your meeting screen or projector screen using the Projector Panel.

Gain valuable insights

Instantly know how your attendees feel about Q&A responses with private Answer Ratings. All questions, votes, comments, and ratings are also captured into ready to export PDFs and Excel reports that you can view and distribute to your team after your meeting or event.


Switch anonymity on whenever appropriate and required to encourage candid, honest questions.


Attendees can add comments below questions to share their thoughts and ask follow up questions for a more enriching engagement on a topic.

Answer Ratings

Add verified text answers to questions directly from the Admin Panel during or after the event or meeting to address unanswered questions.

More Q&A features


Set predefined tags for your participants to select when asking questions to automatically categorise questions by topics or speakers.

Direct Replies

Send replies directly to attendees who have asked a question.


Prompt attendees with timely reminders to ask questions or redirect them to other sessions using push notifications on the Audience Web App.

Admin Collaboration

Collaborate with your team by assigning questions to each admin to moderate on the Admin Panel for large scale events.

Archive Questions

Archive selected or all questions on the Admin Panel to reduce clutter and make space for new questions.

Questions Display

Attendees can choose to display questions by votes or time posted to view the questions they want.

Attendee Question View

With this setting you can allow attendees to only view the questions they have submitted on the Audience Web App.

New question discovery

Attendees are alerted to new questions, so all questions have an equal chance of being upvoted and addressed by the speaker.

PDF and Excel reports

Download PDF and Excel Reports to review questions and other interaction data from the Q&A. See what questions were answered, participants' rating of answers and more.

Moderator Panel

A dedicated panel for moderators and speakers to browse and shortlist questions, and display them on the Projector Panel.

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