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What do you get with the Pro Plan?

Use Pigeonhole Live for all your meetings

With a Pro Plan, you can set up unlimited number of Pro Pigeonholes for all your meetings. Each Pro Pigeonhole supports up to 200 participants per meeting.

Unlimited Q&As, Polls and Surveys

Design your ideal mix of interactive sessions with unlimited Q&As, Polls, Quizzes, Word Clouds and Surveys for your meetings. The world (of meetings) is your oyster.

Run inclusive Q&A sessions

Create equal participation opportunities for your remote and onsite attendees. With Pigeonhole Live, you can add Q&As to your favourite meeting and event platform, and also share a direct link to the same Q&A with onsite attendees.

Keep your Q&As open for as long as you want

You can keep your Q&As open for a prolonged period, for your participants to submit their questions before the meetings. For those questions unaddressed during the meetings, presenters can provide their verified text answers in-app, or engage them in an active discussion, asynchronously.

Create a safe space for your team

Enable Anonymous Responses in Q&As, Polls and Surveys to create a safe space for your team to share their candid feedback, on what went well and areas for improvements.

Get live attendee analytics

Track which attendees have signed in, when they are dropping off, and who is most engaged with live attendee analytics.

Get data exports in PDF and Excel formats

Take the guesswork out of measuring audience engagement at your event. View live reports as your event progresses and export detailed PDFs or raw Excel reports for further analysis.

24/5 Priority Support

Receive 24/5 priority support from our Customer Success team.


Use Pro Plan for unlimited meetings, at just $8/month.

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  • All the benefits of Pro Plan
  • Supports up to 1,000 Participants
  • Moderation of questions/responses in Q&As and Polls
  • Send discrete replies directly to the participant who have asked the question
  • Personalise your Pigeonholes with Custom Themes and Logo Branding
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Popular Use Cases

Introducing new hires

Turn introductions into a fun and memorable experience for new employees using multiple choice poll. With the 'Two Truths, One Lie' game, you can uncover some interesting facts about new team members. Just add two truths and one lie about each new hire into a multiple choice poll and ask the team to identify the lie.

Team brainstorming

Run effective and inclusive brainstorming sessions with word clouds and multiple choice poll. Set up a word cloud for attendees to submit their ideas and upvote their preferred ones. Then, put the top ideas in a multiple choice poll, let your team vote again and bring the best idea to light.

Team trivia ice breaker

Collect fun trivia about each person in the team and set up a quiz. Kickstart your team meeting by playing a competitive quiz with your team to break the ice and energise everyone before the meeting. This is especially great when running hybrid meetings with distributed teams.

Management Q&As

Improve employee participation during management Q&As. Share the Q&A in advance to crowdsource questions before or during the meeting. Allow your team to submit questions anonymously and upvote their favourites to reveal their true concerns.

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