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Stylish, dynamic features

Experience Pigeonhole Live’s best-in-Class Q&A that offers more than just the ability for the audience to submit questions and vote on the ones that interest them.

Custom, unique Q&As

Engage attendees with customisable, sleek, and professional Q&A that drives micro-discussions, captures reactions, and enables presenters to gauge audience sentiment with Answer Ratings and much more.

Intelligent Q&A insights

Discover deeper insights with Pigeonhole Live. Get detailed summaries, analysis of trending topics, and sentiment analysis for continuous improvement, offering more than Poll Everywhere’s basic analytics.

Enable inclusive discussions

Remove language barriers and broaden your event's reach with AI Translation. Attendees can now ask questions in their preferred language, and have them automatically translated for other attendees.

Seamless event navigation

Keep attendees informed and guide them between sessions with Pigeonhole Live's Agenda feature. Unlike Poll Everywhere, our interactive Agenda simplifies event setups for a smoother, engaging experience.

More audience capacity

Experience Pigeonhole Live's scalable polls and quizzes, supporting up to 5,000 participants with upfront, out-of-the-box pricing plans that exceed Poll Everywhere's 700-person limit, all without a costly enterprise plan.

Advanced branding options

Tailor your event's look with Pigeonhole Live's extensive branding designs, including Live Themes and unbranded options. Perfect for aligning with your event’s theme, offering more customisation than Poll Everywhere.

Powerful event integrations

Pigeonhole Live excels with its seamless, easy integrations, outperforming Poll Everywhere's limited offerings. Streamlining event setup enhances audience engagement and improves the overall attendee experience.

Get better value for money

Choose Pigeonhole Live over Poll Everywhere and save almost 50% on similar plans while enjoying a higher participant capacity—all without the need for an enterprise plan.

Audience Size
Very Large
Extra large
Free100 attendees
$8/moSave 20%
$25/moSave 49%
$100/mo1,000 attendees
$225/mo5,000 attendees
Free25 attendees
$10/mo700 attendees
$49/mo700 attendees
$84/mo700 attendees

Or, for a one-time event, enjoy significant cost savings with nearly 66% off comparable Poll Everywhere plans for large events of over 5,000 participants!

Per event plans
100 attendees
1,000 attendees
More than 1,000
More than 5,000
$338/eventSave 32%
$928/eventSave 7%
$1,800+/eventSave 64%

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Pigeonhole Live vs Poll Everywhere:
Feature comparison

Pigeonhole Live offers the best-in-class Q&A tools, flexibility to meet your meeting and event needs, plus extensive branding options for a more engaging audience experience.

Q&A Features
Maximum Character Count
Upvote/Downvote on All Plans
Secure Moderator/Admin Panels Access
Q&A Answers
Q&A Answer Rating
New Question Alerts
Advanced Q&A Options
Custom Tags
Custom CTAs
AI Translation
Poll & Question Types
Clickable Images
Competitions & Quizzes
Multiple Choice Questions
Open-Ended Polls
Word Clouds
Other Features
Moderated Live Chat
Emoji Reactions
Multi-Day, Multi-Track Agenda
Scheduled Announcements
Presentation Integrations
Video Meeting Integrations
Open API Access
Custom Branding
Live Themes
White Labeling Options

Hassle-free integrations

Improve attendee experiences and streamline complex workflows with Pigeonhole Live's extensive integrations. Forget Poll Everywhere and experience a smoother experience for organisers and attendees.

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What customers have to say

It is super simple and easy-to-use. I recently used it in my company's town hall for the first time. It took me less than 15 minutes to set up a Q&A session, and less than a minute for the employees to login and start sending their questions.

custommer image

Xanthe A

Chief Commercial Officer

I am incredibly pleased with the support and flexibility...for our company town hall event hosted by Pigeonhole. Their responsiveness and ability to adapt to our dynamic needs made the entire process seamless. They are a reliable partner that provided excellent service. Highly recommended!

custommer image

Wei Chon W.


Our attendees aren't very technologically savvy, and after 3 years of using Pigeonhole Live, we have had no complaints or issues with them using it. I also love that they don't have to have a password to get in. That is a huge thing for us.

custommer image

Emily Lila P.

Freelance Graphic Designer

I highly recommend this platform for use on an enterprise level as well as for your smaller events. The team even went as far as to develop an integration with IBM (our streaming platform). This was completely above and beyond, and we love the team for doing it!

custommer image

Reece D.


Easy to use; you get what you see. Pro enterprise and very secure policies ensure clear data ownership. No-frills engagement; not the kind that asks for money for everything.

custommer image

Rob Z.


Frequently asked questions

Both platforms offer interactive tools such as polls and Q&As. However, Pigeonhole Live provides powerful features like threaded Q&A, where participants can reply to specific questions, as well as live polling with advanced moderation tools. These features help manage large-scale interactions more effectively and keep the audience engaged in an organised manner.

Pigeonhole Live is well-suited for large-scale events, capable of handling more than 5,000 participants efficiently. This makes it a better option for big conferences or enterprise-level events. Poll Everywhere supports up 700 attendees, but adding more participant capacity requires a custom quote that is likely to cost more.

Pigeonhole Live has robust integration with major video meeting platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex. This integration facilitates seamless interactive sessions within these platforms, enhancing the user experience during virtual and hybrid events. Poll Everywhere provides similar integration too, but Pigeonhole Live's integrations are more comprehensive, supporting a wider variety of meeting and event types and sizes.

Pigeonhole Live offers extensive customisation options, including the ability to add custom branding such as logos and themes. This is particularly valuable for corporate events where brand visibility is crucial for the audience experience. Poll Everywhere also offers customisation, but it may not be as extensive, especially at lower price plans.

Pigeonhole Live offers comprehensive analytics that provide deeper insights into audience engagement, popular topics, and participant feedback. These analytics help event organisers to measure success and plan improvements for future events. While Poll Everywhere also offers analytics, Pigeonhole Live’s tools are detailed and insights are powered by AI, offering granular data that can be important for understanding the impact of an event.

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