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Joining an event?

Add Reactions to video integrations

Use Reactions with over 8 third-party video integrations on Pigeonhole Live.*Available on Captivate and Enterprise Pigeonholes only.

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Embed Reactions on your event website

Add the Reactions widget as an overlay to any video players or website of your choice. Try it with our partner integrations or independently on your event website.*Available on Enterprise Pigeonholes only

Try it live now

Try Reactions by clicking on the emojis on the video.

A more vibrant way to engage

Virtual events don't have to be a one-way stream. With just a simple click, attendees can react to moments in the live stream using emojis of their choice, and watch as their fellow attendees' reactions flood in.

Energy your audience can feel

By reacting together, attendees can build off each other's energy, creating a sense of community in your event. Great for bridging the gap between your in-person and virtual attendees in a hybrid setup!

Captured as key analytics

Whether you are running the event on Pigeonhole Live or on your own event website, reactions used during the event will be captured as key analytics that you can review right after.

Customise your reactions

The choice is yours! Easily customise which emojis you want to allow your virtual attendees to react with and update your selection anytime.

Works on any device

Reactions is supported across all browsers and devices.

Excel Exports

Download comprehensive Excel reports with the type and number of reactions sent for each corresponding attendee profile.

Test Mode for tech runs

Use Test Mode to test out Reactions on the Audience Web App before going live.

Power up engagement with other interactive features

Pair reactions with Q&A or Chat to get the best engagement at your events and meetings.

Raise the energy at your next event or meeting

Get in touch to learn how you can add Reactions to your virtual event site!