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Energise and engage your meeting participants with Q&As, Polls, Quizzes and more on Pigeonhole Live. Run more effective and interactive meetings, whether you are on-site, online or in-between.

Unmute your audience

Muting your audience is at times necessary to run smooth and uninterrupted virtual or hybrid meetings. With Pigeonhole Live you can now connect, engage, and collaborate effectively with your muted participants. Explore our meeting solutions below!

Pigeonhole Live works with

Microsoft TeamsZoomWebex by Cisco

Collaborate effectively during meetings

Crowdsource questions, ideas, and feedback during meetings using our Q&As, open-ended and multiple choice polls. Attendees can submit questions and ideas and upvote their preferred ones without interrupting the presenter or each other.

Connect with your team, wherever they are

Build rapport and connect better with your remote attendees by injecting fun into your virtual meetings. Keep on top of your participants' sentiments with a fun word cloud, and spice up your meetings with some friendly competition using our quiz feature.

Drive meaningful conversations before, during, and after the meeting

Pigeonhole Live works seamlessly within and outside of your favourite meeting platforms so you can capture discussions before, during, and after the meeting in one place. Collect and shortlist questions and ideas beforehand to save time during the meeting, and continue to build on meeting discussions after without disruptions.

Create an equal chance for participation

Run inclusive meetings by giving your remote and on-site attendees an equal chance to contribute. With Pigeonhole Live's Q&As and Polls, you can create a common space for everyone to submit and upvote questions and ideas, vote on decisions, and give feedback so no one is left out of the discussion.

Drive connection between virtual and onsite teams

Build rapport and trust between your virtual and onsite teams through informal communication. Kickoff your meetings with fun ice breaker polls or gratitude word clouds to get to know each other better. Spice up your meetings with competitive quizzes to cut through any meeting awkwardness and boost team spirit.

Connect and collaborate asynchronously

Prevent meeting fatigue by taking discussions and decision-making offline when needed. With Pigeonhole Live, you can collect questions, ideas, and votes offline, and even follow up on questions with text answers. All the questions and answers are captured in a PDF or Excel report for easy distribution to your teammates.

Empower attendees to speak up

Make sure that you are hearing from everyone. Create a safe space for all participants to ask questions, submit ideas, and vote on decisions with anonymous Q&As, word clouds, and polls. Use moderation to ensure only appropriate responses are shown to everyone.

Address relevant and important issues first

Maximise your meeting time by prioritising the questions that matter most to your audience. With Pigeonhole Live's Q&A, your attendees can easily upvote the questions that are most relevant and important to them. Follow up any unanswered questions with text answers after the meeting.

Brainstorm ideas efficiently

Crowdsource your team's ideas with a word cloud or open-ended poll and project them using the Projector Panel. Collectively vote on ideas you like and add comments to expand on ideas. Your team's ideas are captured neatly in a downloaded PDF that you can distribute post-meeting for next steps and action plans.

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Test your meeting before going live

Use Test Mode to submit responses and test your event flow before you go live. Submissions during Test Mode will not be included in your event analytics.

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Use Pigeonhole Live for

Management Q&As

Improve employee participation during management Q&As. Share the Q&A in advance to crowdsource questions before or during the meeting. Allow your team to submit questions anonymously and upvote their favourites to reveal their true concerns.

Introducing new hires

Turn introductions into a fun and memorable experience for new employees using multiple choice poll. With the 'Two Truths, One Lie' game, you can uncover some interesting facts about new team members. Just add two truths and one lie about each new hire into a multiple choice poll and ask the team to identify the lie.

Team brainstorming

Run effective and inclusive brainstorming sessions with word clouds and multiple choice poll. Set up a word cloud for attendees to submit their ideas and upvote their preferred ones. Then, put the top ideas in a multiple choice poll, let your team vote again and bring the best idea to light.

Team trivia ice breaker

Collect fun trivia about each person in the team and set up a quiz. Kickstart your team meeting by playing a competitive quiz with your team to break the ice and energise everyone before the meeting. This is especially great when running hybrid meetings with distributed teams.

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