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The integration for collaboration

Enhance meetings and collaborations on Microsoft Teams with Pigeonhole Live's interactive tools — all within one organised space.

Crowdsource questions

Create a safe space in your meetings by allowing anonymous questions.

Brainstorm ideas

Brainstorm ideas and vote on decisions conducively even if you're in different rooms.

Compete together

Run quizzes with a real time leaderboard as an icebreaker or to test your team's knowledge.

Get feedback

Run pulse polls and comprehensive surveys to collect regular feedback from your team.

Add Pigeonhole Live to Microsoft Teams meetings

Capture questions, ideas, and decisions, during meetings with built-in Q&As, Polls, and Quizzes powered by Pigeonhole Live.

Meeting attendees can participate in Q&As, Polls, and Quizzes, while the organiser can manage sessions and attendee submissions within the meeting window.

Create Q&As without leaving Microsoft Teams

Create Q&As in Microsoft Teams, go live immediately, and share it in your channel whenever you need to collect questions from your team.

Anyone in your channel can submit and vote on questions without a Pigeonhole Live account.

Add Pigeonhole Live as a tab in your Teams channel

Set up a Pigeonhole in your Workspace and add it as a tab in channels and group chats.

Channel members can access live Q&As, Polls, Quizzes and Surveys that you've set up on your Pigeonhole within the channel.

Ready to set up?

Download this guide to start setting up.

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