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Sleek, dynamic features

Pigeonhole Live's add-ins for PowerPoint and Google Slides give you all the capabilities of Mentimeter plus powerful Q&A and moderation tools that drive meaningful conversations.

Best-in-class Q&A

Engage attendees with sleek, professional, and customisable Q&A sessions that promote micro-discussions, capture reactions, and allow presenters to measure audience sentiment through Answer Ratings and much more.

Drive inclusive discussions

Overcome language barriers and expand your event's reach with Pigeonhole Live’s AI Translation. Attendees can ask questions in their preferred language, which are then automatically translated for others.

Gauge audience sentiments

Go beyond Mentimeter's basic analytics with Pigeonhole Live’s AI Insights. Unlock detailed summaries, track trending topics, and analyse audience sentiments to improve your next event.

Highly scalable polls

Pigeonhole Live supports over 5,000 participants for every poll and quiz type right out of the box. Avoid Mentimeter's limit of 2,000 quiz participants and the inconvenience of putting your attendees in a virtual waiting room.

Presentations your way

Match Mentimeter's capabilities with our presentation add-ins. Combining traditional slides with interactive tools offers you a wider variety of formats, such as panel discussions and workshops.

Customise your branding

Tailor your event's look with Pigeonhole Live's attractive themes and white labelling options. Perfect for tailoring your event’s appearance and offering more flexibility than Mentimeter's slide-based customisation.

Streamlined, agile Agenda

Boost engagement with Pigeonhole Live's dynamic Agenda, accessible from any web browser and supporting anytime interactions. Enjoy more flexibility in event setups compared to Mentimeter's slide-based agenda.

Plans that scale to your needs

Pigeonhole Live offers transparent pricing plans that match Mentimeter's, scaling effortlessly with your meetings and events from hundreds to thousands of attendees.

Q&A, polls, quizzes & surveys
Unlimited Q&A, polls, quizzes, surveys, export results
Moderation, custom themes, logo & branding
Unlimited chats, custom embed code, live analytics
Chat reactions, display sponsor logos, registrant access
$0100 attendees/event
$8/moSave 33%
$050 attendees/mo

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Pigeonhole Live vs Mentimeter:
Feature comparison

Pigeonhole Live provides superior Q&A tools, adapts to your meeting and event formats, and offers extensive branding options for a more engaging audience experience.

Q&A Features
Maximum Character Count
Upvoting and Downvoting
Secure Moderator/Admin Panels Access
Projector Panel for Votes and Questions
Q&A Answers
Q&A Answer Rating
New Question Alerts
Advanced Q&A Options
Custom Tags
Custom CTAs
AI Translation
Poll & Question Types
100 Points Questions
2x2 Questions
Clickable Images
Multiple Choice Questions
Open-Ended Polls
Pin on Image
Word Clouds
Other Features
Moderated Live Chat
Chat Reactions
Multi-Day, Multi-Track Agenda
Push/Scheduled Announcements
Presentation Integrations
Video Meeting Integrations
Open API Access
Custom Branding & Themes
Live Themes
White Labeling Options

Robust custom integrations

Your meetings and events extend far beyond slide-based presentations. Break free from Mentimeter’s constraints and achieve your goals with integrated business apps, event apps, and video streaming solutions.

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What customers have to say

It is super simple and easy-to-use. I recently used it in my company's town hall for the first time. It took me less than 15 minutes to set up a Q&A session, and less than a minute for the employees to login and start sending their questions.

custommer image

Xanthe A

Chief Commercial Officer

I am incredibly pleased with the support and flexibility...for our company town hall event hosted by Pigeonhole. Their responsiveness and ability to adapt to our dynamic needs made the entire process seamless. They are a reliable partner that provided excellent service. Highly recommended!

custommer image

Wei Chon W.


Our attendees aren't very technologically savvy, and after 3 years of using Pigeonhole Live, we have had no complaints or issues with them using it. I also love that they don't have to have a password to get in. That is a huge thing for us.

custommer image

Emily Lila P.

Freelance Graphic Designer

I highly recommend this platform for use on an enterprise level as well as for your smaller events. The team even went as far as to develop an integration with IBM (our streaming platform). This was completely above and beyond, and we love the team for doing it!

custommer image

Reece D.


Easy to use; you get what you see. Pro enterprise and very secure policies ensure clear data ownership. No-frills engagement; not the kind that asks for money for everything.

custommer image

Rob Z.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, Pigeonhole Live excels in accommodating larger audiences, supporting over 5,000 participants for all polls and quizzes compared to Mentimeter's hard limit of 2,000 participants for quizzes. This capability ensures that Pigeonhole Live is suitable for events of all sizes, from small team meetings to very large events and conferences.

Absolutely! Pigeonhole Live provides far greater flexibility compared to Mentimeter’s slide-based presentation format. It allows organisers to customise their sessions with a variety of interactive features such as Q&A sessions, polls, surveys, quizzes, and much more. This flexibility enables organisers to achieve their goals by choosing from a variety of interactive formats.

Pigeonhole Live's interactive Agenda feature is comprehensive and available across all plans, allowing organisers to structure their events effectively. In contrast, Mentimeter does not offer an agenda feature, except in the form of a presentation template, which can make it challenging for organisers to manage and schedule their events efficiently and in real time.

Yes, unlike Mentimeter, Pigeonhole Live offers a useful Test Mode feature, allowing organisers to test their setup and familiarise themselves with the platform before the actual event. This feature ensures that organisers can confidently launch their events without any technical glitches or issues.

Pigeonhole Live offers live attendee data, providing valuable insights into participant engagement and event performance in real-time. These insights go beyond what Mentimeter offers, enabling organisers to make informed decisions on the spot. In addition, detailed analytics after the event along with AI-powered insights help organisers analyse the sentiment of attendees and improve future events.

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