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Made for

  • Hybrid Company Events
  • Multi-track Conferences
  • Global Company Meetings
  • Large Virtual and Hybrid Events
  • User Conferences
  • Product Launches

Built as a Web-based App,
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What do you get with the Captivate Plan?

Exclusive on Captivate

Enable Reactions for your Event

Make your virtual or hybrid events more engaging by adding Reactions to your live streams and videos on-demand. Reactions provide an interactive way for your audience to express their thoughts and feelings in real time. You can customise which emojis you want to enable, and watch your engagement levels rise.

Exclusive on Captivate

Professional Onboarding

Our Customer Success team will provide a personalised onboarding experience to ensure you get the most out of Pigeonhole. At the end of onboarding, you will be able to use all of Pigeonhole's features to create great event experiences.

Exclusive on Captivate

Support up to 5,000 participants per event

Pigeonhole Live allows you to manage and interact with audiences of up to 5,000 people. Thanks to our scalable Q&As, Polls and Quizzes, you can engage and create interactive experiences with every single attendee in your event. In addition, with Pigeonhole's moderation tools, you can maintain control of the conversation, guide presenters, and even communicate 1-1 with individual attendees, allowing you to run events with thousands of attendees with no compromise on engagement.

Unlimited Chats, Q&As, Polls and Surveys

Design your ideal mix of interactive sessions with unlimited Chats, Q&As, Polls, Quizzes, Word Clouds and Surveys for your events. The world (of events) is your oyster.

Bring your Audience together with Chats, Q&As and Polls

Remove barriers between your virtual and in-person attendees. Pigeonhole Live creates a common space for all attendees to interact with each other through chats, questions, quizzes and more. You can embed Chat directly on your event website or with our partner integrations so attendees can chat while watching live streams, on-demand webinars, or watch parties.

Restrict access to Registrants only

Keep access to your Pigeonhole Live events restricted to invited guests only. Set up a list of Registrants for your event and enforce further verification via email or Attendee Code. You can keep adding Registrants on-the-fly for the walk-in guests too.

Moderation controls

Decide which questions, comments or ideas get published with moderation. With moderation turned on, all submissions have to be allowed by admins before appearing on the audience and projector view. Applicable for Q&A and all Poll types.

Reply Directly to Participants

Send discrete replies directly to attendees who have asked a question. Only the attendee who asked the question can view the reply. This provides an elegant option to address awkward yet irrelevant questions (May I have the slides, please?), discreetly.

Advanced Session Settings

Customise the Call-To-Action text to align them with your company or industry language for more effective engagement activation. For Q&A, disabling the upvoting questions feature and/or enforcing the audience to view their own questions only, are options available, if the situations call for them. Attendees can also be automatically redirected to the next session when the current one is over, which is perfect for your virtual audience.

Drive Brand Recall with Custom Themes and Logo Branding

Whether your event is in-person, virtual, or hybrid, customise your Pigeonholes for a consistent brand experience. Choose colours, upload images, add logos, and even display sponsor logos on the projector panel. Our design team can assist for brand compliance, with an add-on fee.

Collaborative Team Workspaces for your Events Team

Collaborate with your team with differentiated user roles to set up and manage events on Pigeonhole Live. Save time by setting up Templates of your favourite Polls, Quizzes and Surveys, and add them quickly into your new Pigeonholes.

Get Live Attendee Analytics

Track which attendees have signed in, when they are dropping off, and who is most engaged with live attendee analytics.

Get Data export in PDF and Excel formats

Take the guesswork out of measuring audience engagement at your event. View live reports as your event progresses and export detailed PDFs or raw Excel reports for further analysis.


Use Captivate plan for one event only, at $928/event.

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Have Enterprise requirements for your organisation?

  • Events with >5,000 Participants
  • API Integrations
  • Organisation Workspace with User Provisioning
  • Central Management and enforcement of user policies
  • SAML-based SSO Admins, Users and Attendees
  • Standard Company Branding across all interfaces
  • Display sponsor logos
  • Dedicated Success Manager

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