Fuss-free chatting

Attendees can easily start conversations and connect with others by sending text and emoji messages from any device and browser.

Focused micro-discussions

Attendees can reply to a message to start a focused conversation thread within the main chat.

Chat and stream

Built to work seamlessly with our third-party video integrations so attendees can chat while watching live streams, on-demand webinars, or during online meetings and watch parties.

Use Chat for:

  • Lobby chat rooms

    Power networking and conversations among attendees and speakers before and during live sessions at virtual conferences.
  • Online TV

    Ideal for watch parties for movies, eSports, and more.
  • Live streams

    Power audience interaction during interviews, product launches, and performances.
  • Webinars

    Enable audience discussions and Q&A during live or on-demand webinars, demos, trainings, and presentations.

Anonymity and Identity

Organisers can select between allowing completely anonymous chats or requiring attendees to be identified.

Message filtering

With Message Filtering organisers can choose to Allow or Dismiss all incoming messages on the Admin Panel before they are published on the Audience Web App.

Integrate with other sessions

Nest chat within Q&As or Regular sessions to start session- or topic-specific conversations.

More chat features

Full chat functionalities

Chats come with profile heads, message time-stamps, text, and emoji support.

Supports emojis

Attendees can select emojis directly from the emoji picker or copy-paste emojis to send as message.

Chat from any device

Pigeonhole Live’s chat interface is supported across all browsers and devices.

Attendee profiles

Attendee profile details are automatically imported to chats once they create a Pigeonhole Live profile.

Test Mode for tech runs

Leverage on Test Mode to test and get familiar with your chat sessions and the different settings.Learn more


Update attendees with timely reminders to join chats through our Audience Web App. Learn more

Excel Exports

Download comprehensive Excel reports with chat messages, replies, and the corresponding attendee profiles.Learn more

Free-flowing engagement

Our chat session is built to scale seamlessly — we can handle thousands of messages in seconds without the risk of lag or crash.

Chat security and privacy

All chat data is always encrypted in transit and at rest. Logically separated from other events, your data is also always private.

Embed your chat

Integrate the chat in your intranet, website, or webinar as an iframe with an automatically generated embed code.Learn more

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