Improve brand recall by adding your company logo and colours when using Pigeonhole Live.

Custom themes

Create your own custom themes — pick any colour of your choice, upload a background image, and add a logo to make your Pigeonhole branding truly your own.Engage Pigeonhole and above


Customise your Projector Panel, Admin Panel and Audience Web App with backgrounds from our Themes gallery. Choose from a variety of solid colours, popular cities, and nature sceneries for a vibrant event experience.

Logo branding

Show your company logo on the Projector Panel and Audience Web App. Simply upload your logo file on your Workspace to add your brand to our audience-facing interfaces.Engage Pigeonhole and above

Basic custom branding

Apply a consistent, across-the-board branding with your company logo and colour scheme. Hand-crafted, and checked against a myriad of devices for compatibility support by our design team.

Pro custom branding

Ideal for an immersive experience as well as for branding look that requires more graphical elements. Comes with a custom branding sign-in page,

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