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Joining an event?

Pigeonhole Live changes the game for your Zoom Meetings.

Our Zoom App elevates meetings with easy-to-manage Q&As, polls, word clouds, and quizzes right in your meeting window.

Rescue questions from messy chats

Say goodbye to the frustrating task of searching for a question you saw earlier in Zoom chat!

Experience the convenience of having all questions in one place, enabling easy voting and commenting by your audience.

Plus, meeting hosts can now effortlessly manage questions, saving time and ensuring no queries go unanswered.

Address audience questions with clarity

Zoom meetings can result in chaotic chat discussions and lost questions, leaving your audience in the dark.

But fear not! With Zoom Layers, everyone stays connected and engaged as questions take centre stage, ensuring a seamless and inclusive experience for all!

Perfectly timed engagement, every time

Enjoy the convenience of Q&As and polls right next to your meeting window.

Empower presenters with powerful admin controls to guide your audience to the right session, every time.

Easily submit, vote, and comment within organised threads.

Asynchronous engagement beyond meetings

Streamline asynchronous communications with Pigeonhole Live.

Capture and track your team's input before, during, and after meetings, all in one place!

Pre-answer simple queries and prioritise key topics for focused, efficient meetings.

Hybrid meetings? We’re built for it!

Promote equal participation with interactive Q&As and polls for everyone to be heard.

Build bonds with team-building activities for virtual and in-person employees.

Collaborate asynchronously with questions, answers, and report sharing.

Setting up is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Start your Zoom meeting

Start a scheduled or new Zoom meeting as usual.

2. Add Pigeonhole Live

Click the Apps icon to get Pigeonhole Live, then open it to automatically create a Q&A.

3. Share the app with participants

Send invites automatically and start collecting questions, votes, and comments!

Explore our Zoom App for your team

Collaborate better with Pigeonhole Live! Share your details and learn how to enhance engagement and streamline virtual meetings.