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Joining an event?

Host and manage meetings effortlessly

Tired of digging through a chaotic chat window for relevant questions while moderating a discussion?

Capture questions in dedicated spaces and filter by votes or time posted to find them easily. Meeting hosts can also manage responses from an admin control panel within the meeting window.

Keep meeting attendees focused and informed

No more lost and confused attendees! With the Pigeonhole Live Zoom App, the Q&A will appear right next to the meeting window.

Attendees will know exactly where to submit and vote on questions, and can even add follow up comments into organised threads to keep discussions on topic.

Run uninterrupted, productive discussions

Project-related questions and ideas don’t just come up during meetings. Capture and track your team’s input before, during, and after meetings within a single Pigeonhole.

You can also add text answers for simpler questions and distill top questions to address beforehand to keep the meeting time focused and productive.

Make everyone part of the conversation

Don’t let anyone miss out on key discussions during your hybrid meetings or all-hands.

Create a common space for all attendees to vote on polls, vote and comment on each other’s questions, and compete in quizzes together so everyone is involved, engaged, and informed.

What you can do with Pigeonhole Live Zoom App

Set up Q&As with just one click

When you add the Pigeonhole Live app to your Zoom meeting, a Q&A will be automatically created according to your meeting time without any additional steps.

Manage your Q&As right from your meeting window

As a host, you will have a dedicated Admin View within your meeting window where you can approve and dismiss incoming attendee questions before it’s available for everyone to see.

Seamless transfer of attendee profiles

Attendees' Zoom profile will be reflected as their Pigeonhole Live attendee profile so your attendees won’t have to login again or rename themselves.

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