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Joining an event?

Manage meetings effortlessly

A Q&A will be automatically created when you launch the Pigeonhole Live app. You can also create polls and moderate questions from a dedicated admin control panel within the meeting window.

Keep meetings organised and attendees informed

Increase the response rate in your meetings!
Guide your attendees to the right sessions with an easy-to-navigate meeting agenda and speaker profiles. You can also send push notifications to guide your attendees to the right sessions.

Make everyone a part of the conversation

Make sure everyone feels included in all meeting discussions. Create a common space for your virtual and in-person attendees to vote and comment on each other's questions, participate in polls, and compete in quizzes together.

Engage before, during, and after your meeting

Keep your meeting discussions flowing seamlessly before, during, and after the meeting by capturing interactions in one place.

Meeting attendees can access Pigeonhole Live using a link or by joining the meeting on Webex Meeting, to submit questions, vote on decisions, and submit feedback.

3 steps to a more collaborative meeting on Webex

1. Start your Webex meeting

Start a scheduled or new Webex meeting as usual.

2. Launch the Pigeonhole Live app

Click on the Apps icon and open Pigeonhole Live. A Pigeonhole with a Q&A session will be automatically created for you.

3. Open the app together

Click Open together to invite your participants to submit questions and participate in polls.

Why use Pigeonhole Live for Webex Meetings

Hassle-free setup

Add the Pigeonhole Live app to your Webex meeting with one-click. A Q&A is automatically created for your meeting without any additional steps.

Manage your Q&As right from your meeting window

The Pigeonhole Live app for Webex meetings comes with a dedicated Admin View within your meeting window for meeting hosts to manage settings and moderate participants' responses.

Add Polls for more interactivity

You can also create quick Multiple Choice Polls and Word Clouds directly from your meeting window.*Open-ended poll and quiz coming soon

Use Pigeonhole Live for

Crowdsource questions

Empower your attendees to contribute to discussions even while they are on mute. Meeting attendees can submit and vote on each other's questions, and also add follow-up comments into organised threads.

Capture feedback and decisions with polls

Arm yourself with an arsenal of interactive tools like rating scales, word clouds, and more to keep your meeting attendees engaged, while capturing their ideas, feedback, and decisions in organised spaces.

Run icebreakers and team bonding activities

Test your audience's knowledge and inject fun into your all-hands with quizzes as an icebreaker, team bonding activity, or as a quick assessment. Meeting hosts can easily share screen to show the real-time quiz leaderboard on the Projector Panel.

Brainstorm ideas with your team

Ensure that no good ideas are forgotten or lost in translation. Collect ideas and suggestions from your team throughout the project by sharing the open-ended polls or word clouds via email, messaging platform, or your project management tool.

Level up your Webex meetings with Pigeonhole Live

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