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Pigeonhole Live
for Events

Build engaging virtual, hybrid, and in-person event experiences for your audience with the most customisable audience engagement platform. Works seamlessly with your favourite event tools and just as well on its own!

Works with your favourite event tools

We're great at what we do, and so are our friends. We integrate with trusted, enterprise-ready solutions in your tech stack.

  • Brightcove
  • Swoogo
  • Zoom
  • Splash
  • Jublia
  • RingCentral
  • RainFocus
  • Gevme
  • Bizzabo
  • Socialive
  • Eventbase
  • Kaltura
  • LineUp Ninja
  • Interprefy
  • Power engagement with interactive sessions of your choice

    Choose from a wide range of interactive formats to suit your session content, format, and speaker style.

    Supercharge engagement with a powerful Q&A tool. From anonymous Q&As, text answers, direct replies, custom Q&A views and more, you can run Q&As the way you want.

    Hassle-free registration

    Embed Pigeonhole Live on your event website for seamless registration and sign-in. Registrants signing in to your event site are identified and signed in on Pigeonhole Live without additional steps.

    Build the agenda your way

    Enjoy complete flexibility in building your virtual event agenda on Pigeonhole Live. Mix and match different interactive formats to suit your session needs and group sessions together to build breakout tracks easily.

    Unified brand experience

    Create seamless brand experience across your event site to drive brand recall and improve conversion rates with custom event fonts, colour schemes, image placement and more with our custom branding solutions.

    Bring your audience together

    Remove barriers between your virtual and in-person attendees. Pigeonhole Live creates a common space for all attendees to interact with each other through chats, questions, quizzes and more.

    Capture accurate attendee analytics

    Whether your attendees are joining the event in-person via a QR code or virtually via an event app, they can be identified, signed in, and tracked on Pigeonhole Live without additional steps. Attendees can also easily switch between in-person and virtual access points during the event.

    Simplified session moderation

    Whether your attendees are joining in-person or virtually, you can filter, manage, and moderate all their questions, comments, and messages from one place.

    Easy sign-ins with QR codes

    Display QR codes for specific sessions in your projector screen and around the session venue to easily guide attendees to the right sessions. Attendees can still be verified via their unique attendee code for seamless tracking.

    Multiple displays to suit your event workflow

    Whether you want to project questions and polls on the projector screen, have a speaker or moderator select questions from a tablet, or an event admin filter and moderate questions, we have a custom view for each function.

    Seamless attendee registration

    Our seamless integrations with event registration platforms allow attendees to be automatically identified using their registration credentials and logged in to Pigeonhole Live without any additional steps.

    Test your event before going live

    Use Test Mode to submit responses and test your event flow before you go live. Submissions during Test Mode will not be included in your event analytics.

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    Key analytics at your fingertips

    Know what makes your audiences tick, which sessions are popular, and what everyone is talking about in real-time.

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    Advanced customisation and features

    Building your own event website? Embed Pigeonhole Live directly in your event website, intranet, or video solutions and access advanced customisation and features with custom API.

    Differentiated permissions

    Protect confidential content and secure access by giving differentiated access to event personnel managing specific sessions and panels.

    Restricted access to sponsored content

    Running multiple sessions with different sponsors? Give sponsors admin and moderator access to the content and analytics of their sponsored sessions only.

    Registration and analytics

    Seamlessly pass registrant details to Pigeonhole Live for hassle-free logins, tracking, and accurate engagement analytics.

    Talk to us to learn more about other available customisations and features.

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