Audience Poll

Do you have multiple choice questions you or your speakers wish to ask the audience? Polls powered by Pigeonhole Live allows you to do that, in an amazing, highly interactive manner. Results can be projected live on stage as votes are cast. It's not rocket science and it's all possible with Polls powered by Pigeonhole Live. Find out more below.

Create your poll

Create a poll in advance and receive real-time feedback from the floor. Results can be viewed instantly or kept private.

Beautiful, real-time charts

See the results displayed on beautiful bar charts in real-time.

No additional hardware required

It’s quick, simple, fun and does not require any special voting devices. With a simple tap of a button on your audience’s smartphones, your audience will be able to participate in the poll.

Change your vote

Compare and contrast the results by enabling the option to change their vote. Useful for debates. Visualise the changes in real-time as the audience change their mind about a vote.

Option of more than 1 vote per user

Useful for voting competitions where audience members can have more than 1 vote.

Download data

Export Poll results in PDF and Excel formats.


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