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Multiple-choice Poll

Versatile poll type for ice breakers, collective-decision making, and capturing feedback. Keep your audience engaged by displaying poll results in real-time as visually-engaging charts.

Rating Poll

Choose between three different rating scales: icon, numeric, and draggable to capture instant feedback from your attendees. Run quick pulse surveys and get live results with average scores.

Word Cloud

Captivate your audience with a visually engaging Word Cloud for icebreakers and brainstorming sessions. Let your participants submit their answers and watch the most common answers enlarge and gravitate towards the centre, all in real time.


Energise your attendees by introducing games and healthy competition in your meetings! Create a quiz of your choice and get your audience to compete for a spot on a live leaderboard based on speed and accuracy.

Open-ended Poll

Make team brainstorming easy in virtual and hybrid meetings with our open-ended poll. Participants can share and vote on text answers to gather the best ideas. After the meeting, download a detailed report for easy reference.


Set up self-directed assessments and let your participants complete it at their own pace. Participants will be informed of the correct answer for each question and their overall score once they have completed the assignment.*Scores are confidential to the participant and organiser

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Send Push Notifications

Guide your attendees to polls with timely push notifications to increase participation rates.

Display instant, live results

Capture votes and display poll results instantly on your projector or meeting screens. Customise chart types and display choice to suit your polling needs.

Create and run quick polls in your favourite meeting tools

Use our custom integration with Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams to create and run Pigeonhole Live polls during your meetings.


Switch anonymity on whenever appropriate and required to encourage candid, honest responses.


Nest polls under other sessions like Q&As, Chat, and Regular to group related sessions together for easy navigation during breakout tracks and speaker sessions.


Allow comments under poll questions to expand the range of interactions between participants.

Customisable Quiz Pace

Choose whether to allow attendees to answer a quiz in their own time or synchronise everyone's pace when running a quiz for team or group participation.

Multiple votes

Allow participants to vote for multiple answers in multiple-choice questions.

Live results

Choose whether to show or hide poll results after a participant has voted on a multiple choice or rating poll.

Test your polls before going live

Use Test Mode to submit votes and responses before your event goes live. Submissions during Test Mode will not appear in your event analytics.

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Power up engagement with other interactive features

Double down on interactivity by pairing Polls with other session types.

Popular Use Cases

Ice breakers

Kickstart meetings or workshop sessions with a trivia quiz to break the ice and energise everyone. This is especially great when running hybrid meetings with distributed teams.


Get instant feedback on speaker sessions or meetings with a rating poll.

Pulse check

Get a pulse on how your attendees are feeling before kicking off the meeting.


Run efficient brainstorming by giving everyone an equal chance to voice their ideas and vote on the best ones with open-ended polls.


Streamline decision-making by getting your meeting attendees to vote and instantly arrive at a decision with multiple choice polls.

Knowledge testing

Get your team or workshop attendees to complete assessments in their own time and get a score with assessments.

Boost interactivity at your meetings and events with polls

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