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Live Poll

Capture the opinions of the audience in real-time charts.


Participants vote on predefined answers using their device web browser. Results are shown in real-time on the projector as a bar chart or pie chart.

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Energise participants with quiz competitions and let them compete for a winning spot on a real-time leaderboard.


Poll an open-ended question and let your participants submit free-form text answers. Participants can also vote on answers submitted by other participants.


Let participants complete a series of assessment questions at their own pace and receive scores instantly and confidentially.

Word cloud

Let participants respond in short form answers and project the results in real-time as a word cloud.

Anonymity and Identity

Capture honest answers as participants can comfortably choose to be anonymous or identified.

Correct answer

Show the correct answer when voting ends on the projector. Participants are also notified on whether they answered correctly.

Push polls

Using Announcements, easily collect votes from hundreds of participants in mere seconds.

More Poll features

Moderator panel

Speakers and moderators can see the poll results in real-time, and conveniently reveal the correct answer when it's time here.

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Multiple votes

Allow participants to vote for multiple answers in multiple-choice questions.

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New answer discovery

Participants are alerted to new open-text answers, so quality answers submitted late can also rise to the top and be addressed by the speaker.

Changing votes

When enabled, participants can change their answer in multiple-choice questions.

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Participants can engage with one another through comments within polls.

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Engagement insights

Review the votes and free-form text answers and other data collected during the Poll. Also see how many answered the question correctly.

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PDF and Excel reports

Download a professional ready-to-print PDF report of your session or the Excel spreadsheet that lets you easily sort, filter and analyse the data.

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Test Mode for tech runs

Leverage on Test Mode to rehearse and test out your poll questions with your team.

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Security and privacy

Data is always encrypted in transit and at rest. Logically separated from other events, your data is also always private.

Free-flowing engagement

Scaling perfectly with your audience, collect as many answers, votes and comments from your participants. We can handle thousands of votes in seconds.

Integrate with Q&A

Make sessions livelier with interactive polling and Q&A in a single session.


Integrate our live Poll in your intranet, website or webinar easily with a widely supported iframe method. We even generate the embed code for you automatically.

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