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Joining an event?


Send out questionnaires to your audience for quick feedback on your event.

Multiple-choice questions

Standardise responses collected by setting pre-defined options for your participants to select. Comes with open-text form for additional comments.

Open-text questions

Get more descriptive responses from your participants with open-text answers.

Built for mobile devices

Designed to work seamlessly on mobile devices so your participants can complete surveys on the go.

Instant, professional reports

Have instant access to a professional ready-to-print PDF report of the survey results.

Analyse results

Export survey data in an Excel report to sort, filter, or build custom charts and profile respondents.


Receive honest, transparent feedback by letting participants answer anonymously.

More Survey features

Optional questions

Give your participants the option to skip questions that are not required.

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Optional comments

Provide a way for participants to comment on their answers for greater context and insight.

Learn about comments

Multiple answers

Allow participants to choose multiple answers for multiple-choice questions.

Progress indicator

Show participants their progress as they complete your questionnaire.


Provide better context and structure to your survey with categories.

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Engagement insights

Review answers and other data collected. Includes participants' average time to complete, and when they drop off.

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Test Mode for tech runs

Leverage on Test Mode to rehearse and test out your questionnaire before going live.

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Security and privacy

Data is always encrypted in transit and at rest. Logically separated from other events, your data is also always private.

Integrate with Q&A

Nest surveys within Q&A sessions to get feedback specific to each session within your event.


Integrate our survey in your intranet, website, or webinar as an iframe with an automatically generated embed code.

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