You've concluded your event. Now, how do you take stock and make it even better next time? Surveys powered by Pigeonhole Live helps you get feedback on the topics covered, determine overall satisfaction of your event and more. It does all this in a simple, integrated and results driven approach. Find out more below.

Multiple-choice questions

Pigeonhole Live’s Survey lets you set multiple-choice questions for your participants. To start doing the survey, all they need to do is tap “Begin”, select an answer, and they can proceed to the next question. If they do not identify with the pre-set answers, they can also enter their own with an “Others” option.

Optional open-ended questions

Pigeonhole Live’s Survey also comes with open-ended questions where users can enter their free text responses. Participants will have to enter an answer before they can proceed to the next question - unless it is marked “Optional”.

Progress indicator

Page numbers help your participants track how much of the questionnaire they have completed.


Participants do not need to sign in to complete the survey. All responses submitted are kept confidential.

Download Data

No more manual counting and data entry. All results will be automatically collated in PDF and Excel formats. Just click to download and save it for future references and improvement.


Get Started

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