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Joining an event?

Choose from our range of live interactive elements
Pair your talks with live Q&A, and make your event content come alive with interactive elements like polls and competitive quizzes.
Branch out to channels, breakout sessions, and workshops
Create sessions to run concurrently to help you branch out your large-scale event.
Facilitate attendee chats
Drive focused micro-discussions and get experts to chime in to build valuable audience-generated content.
Moderation made easy
Collaborate with your team to manage and curate high volumes of audience-generated content efficiently and discretely with our advanced moderation functions.
Two-way audience interaction
Swap out emcees and signposts with our broadcast announcements and direct messages to keep attendees informed on event updates at all times.
Gain valuable insights
Track results with deep analytics. Get detailed and downloadable reports to measure the success of your event.
Work with your favourite platforms
We’re great at what we do, and so are our friends. We integrate with trusted, enterprise-ready solutions to bring you the best virtual event experience possible.
More integrations
Customisable to fit your virtual event needs
Compatible with recognised event solutions
We play well with others.
By supporting the best of video, networking, registration, and event portal integrations, we bring you the best-of-breed virtual event solution of your choosing.
Scalable and Enterprise-ready
Whether your event is for 50 or 50,000, you can trust us to keep the show running and secure.
Adapt to different virtual event formats
Whether you plan to run your virtual event live or simulive, if you’re streaming or running on-demand videos, Pigeonhole Live can be tailored to suit your needs and workflows.
Let's work together to create great virtual events. Talk to us and find out more.
Transitioning to virtual events can be tough. We can help.

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