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Engage employees, wherever they are
It can be hard to keep employees present when they’re apart. Build a safe space online for them to work, share, and connect as a team.
Keep all lines of communication open
Continue to collect feedback, crowdsource opinions, run workshops, and brainstorm ideas, all while working remotely.
Adapt to your meeting and event needs
Whether you’re running a virtual meeting for five or an online event for five thousand, Pigeonhole’s range of features will meet your business needs.
Tips, tricks, and best practices on making remote working work for you

10 Ways to Use Pigeonhole Live When You're Working Remotely

How to Run Virtual Events with Pigeonhole Live

30 Simple Tips To Run Effective Virtual Meetings

Video conferencing and hosting
Use Pigeonhole Live with your favourite video conferencing tools, like Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Brightcove.
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Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams users can now use Pigeonhole Live to run Q&As, Polls, and Quizzes with teams. You can also create Q&As directly in channels and group chats.
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