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Joining an event?


Every organisation is different. Create a bespoke Pigeonhole plan to fit your organisation's needs with our premium, enterprise-focused features.

Customised Pigeonhole Features

Meet your events' unique needs by customising the number of Pigeonholes, duration, and features.


Raise the energy in your virtual events by adding Reactions to live streams on your own event website.

Advanced features

Access Enterprise-exclusive features like disabling Q&A votes and advanced attendee analytics and tracking when you embed the Audience Web App to your event website.

Supports larger events

We're built to scale seamlessly, whether it's a 15-person meeting or a virtual event with 200,000 attendees.

API Integrations

Enjoy seamless integrations with complementary enterprise platforms like Brightcove, Bizzabo, Gevme, Socialive (Virtual Green Room), Kaltura MediaSpace, Jublia, Swoogo, RainFocus, and more.

Multiple branding licenses

Manage and switch between different custom brandings for your Pigeonholes to suit the different events you organise.

Team features

Collaborate with your team to set up and manage events in an efficient and secure manner.

User roles and licenses

Manage the help you need during events by adding more team users and customising access levels.

Compliance management

Ensure compliance with your organisation's policy requirements through our specific Pigeonhole settings.

Audit logs

Audit logs allow you to trace every action performed in a team back to a user, making it easier for you to enforce accountability in your team users' actions.


Save time by using templates to recreate similar sessions and speaker details for your event series.

Enterprise-grade security

An added layer of security to ensure that your events are only accessible to authorised personnel.

Attendee Single Sign-On

Ensure only team members can participate in confidential sessions by restricting audience access to authorised Pigeonhole accounts.

IP address whitelist

Limit confidential session attendance to a location or device by restricting audience access to authorised IP addresses.

Dedicated support, every step of the way.

As an Enterprise customer, you will have access to our priority support team. We will work with you to:

  • Structure your team's onboarding plan according to your unique business objectives.
  • Schedule quarterly consultations to co-evaluate your team's ongoing usage.
  • Structure a technical support model for your team which consists of direct emails, scheduled phone calls, and support tickets.

Speak to us to customise your ideal Enterprise plan

Frequently asked questions

Plans, Pricing and Payments

We accept AMEX, MasterCard and Visa Credit Cards.

The Live Duration (defined by your event dates) is the time range that your audience will be able to access your Pigeonhole using your event passcode. Depending on your plan, you will either have a live duration of 7 days or 30 days.

Note that the Live Duration only applies to your audience. Event organisers can set up the event, conduct test runs and access event insights all outside of the Live Duration.

No, our prices are as listed, with no hidden or setup charges. We do not charge value-added taxes unless you're a Singapore-based customer, in which case, a Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 7% is applicable.

We only accept purchase orders for total orders that exceed USD 3,000. Custom contracting terms are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Do note that prices quoted for such orders exclude value-added and withholding taxes, wherever applicable. We are a Singapore-registered company and Singapore has double-taxation avoidance agreements with many countries. We do not cover any applicable withholding taxes. Please contact us for more information.

Please contact us via a support ticket and one of our account managers will assist you.


Each event requires a new Pigeonhole. If you purchase our Annual plans you can create as many Pigeonholes as you want for a year.

Sessions help build your event agenda on Pigeonhole Live. There are two types of sessions: interactive and non-interactive.

Interactive sessions, such as Q&A, Polls and Survey, allow you to actively engage your audience.

For example: You can add a Q&A to crowdsource questions during a panel discussion and a Multiple Choice Poll to get your audience to vote on an icebreaker question.

If you purchased a Captivate Pigeonhole or Annual Captivate plan, you can add as many sessions as you want in a single event Pigeonhole.

Our per-event Pigeonholes can only be accessed from a single account. To enable a collaborative Team Workspace with multiple accounts access, you will need to purchase our Annual or Enterprise plans.

Team Workspaces are optimised for team usage with features like templates, Single-sign on and other security and compliance features.

Data Security

We run Pigeonhole Live on Amazon Web Services, which has been architected to be one of the most secure cloud computing environments.

We only transfer data across the web using an encrypted SSL (secure sockets layer) link. This ensures data passed between our servers and you (including attendees) remain private. We also store your data encrypted using AES-256 and maintain daily backups.

Furthermore, you can be assured that your data is private and treated as confidential, even when you use our Free Basic Pigeonhole.

For more information on our security measures read our security policy.


No, you will need to set up your event using your Pigeonhole Live account.

However, customers on Captivate plans and above are eligible for onboarding support with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will guide you through the setup and share best practices with you via online or in-person meetings (if you're based in Singapore).

Customers on our Basic, Manage and Engage plans, will have access to support via support requests and email.

Having said that, if you have special requirements, please let us know by getting in touch here or email us at

You can find comprehensive guides on setting up and managing Pigeonhole Live on our Help Centre  or contact us via support request.

If you'd like to see a live demo of the product please get in touch here to schedule an online demo or an in-person meeting (if you're based in Singapore).

Please get in touch here or you can email us at We can either schedule an online demo, or meet with your team if you're based in Singapore.