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Give your audiences a voice,
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Engage your audiences with Pigeonhole Live — whether online, in-person, or in-between.

Our Solutions

Use Pigeonhole Live with

  • Swoogo
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Webex
  • Socialive
  • Brightcove
  • RainFocus

Use Pigeonhole Live at your

Hybrid Events

Power vibrant two-way interactions and build community spirit between your live and virtual audience with Q&As, Chats, and Reactions and more. Pigeonhole Live can be easily customised to fit your event branding and integrates seamlessly wherever you choose to build your event.

Simply embed our Audience Web App to your event website, or try out our integrations with event marketing tools like RainFocus, Swoogo, Brightcove and more.

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Virtual Team Meetings

With microphones on mute, virtual meetings tend to be a one-way conversation. But with Pigeonhole Live, your attendees can easily voice their questions and concerns, share ideas, and brainstorm together without ever interrupting the presenter or unmuting themselves.

You can also add Pigeonhole Live into the meeting window of your favourite meeting tool with our Zoom Apps, and integrations with Microsoft Teams and Webex Meetings.

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Hybrid All-hands Meetings

Ensure that your remote team does not feel left out when bringing your distributed workforce together with a hybrid all-hands meeting. With Pigeonhole Live's Q&As, Polls, and Chat you can make sure that your remote and in-person attendees can contribute to the meeting, connect with the management and each other, and have their concerns heard.

Simply share the direct link to Pigeonhole Live with your in-person attendees and embed Pigeonhole Live to your Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex meeting window for remote attendees!

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Unmute your audience

Muted microphones are essential for successful virtual and hybrid meetings. It prevents distracting background noises from interrupting the presenter and attendees from talking over each other. But how do you maintain a connection with your audience while they're on mute?

Everything you need to engage every participant

Great Q&As support more than submitting and upvoting questions. Run Q&As the way you want to with our custom settings, moderation capabilities for every level, anonymity, and more.

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Our Solutions

Whether it's a team meeting or a large scale conference, Pigeonhole Live helps you connect with your audience. Learn how our interactive tools are designed to meet your virtual, hybrid, and live meeting and event needs.

One tool, endless possibilities

Every event is unique. Bring your event vision to life with our highly customisable features.

Fits into your event workflow

Take Pigeonhole Live wherever your event is by adding our Audience Web App to your event website with a template code. We also support seamless transfer of registrant details from your event website to Pigeonhole Live for accurate attendee tracking.

Works with your favourite tools

Using our built-in integrations with a whole suite of live streaming and event marketing platforms, you can easily add the Audience Web App and seamless attendee tracking without additional development work. Works with Brightcove, Swoogo, RainFocus, Splash, Gevme, Jublia, Kaltura, and more.

Guide virtual attendees to the right place

Customise session labels and call-to-action buttons to tailor your Pigeonhole agenda to your unique event experience. You can also push polls and quick reminders to your attendees using pop-up announcements and automatically redirect attendees to the next live session.

Branding for every need

From dynamic branding tailored to your guidelines to simple do-it-yourself custom themes — we offer branding for every need and budget.

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