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Communication between management and staff should be a two-way conversation. With Pigeonhole Live, you can now have real conversations in your organisation.





"There is No Such Thing As A Dumb Question."

If you are the CEO or one of the leaders in an organisation, you would probably believe in the statement above, but not your employees. That’s one of the many reasons why your employees are not asking questions during meetings.

With Pigeonhole Live, every employee can be anonymous. It makes it safe for every employee to ask their questions, without worrying that it may make them seem ignorant. Being anonymous empowers them to suggest ideas that may seem far fetched, or question the status quo on the strategies of the management team.

Sometimes, great ideas come from the simplest questions.

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Make Time For Meaningful Conversations

People show up at staff meetings for a reason - to hear and to be heard. Most of the meetings now spend too much time in delivering that grand speech about the next financial year’s strategies, while leaving too little time for Q&A.

So, let your colleagues ask the questions that they have been yearning to ask; use a Poll to gauge their consensus on a company’s decision and empower them to suggest ways to bring their organisation to the next level of excellence.

When you listen, they know. And they'll appreciate it.

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Let The Votes Speak For Themselves

In Pigeonhole Live’s Q&A, every employee gets to see other questions asked by their colleagues and vote for the ones that concern them too. When a question or an idea gains momentum among your employees, you will be the first to know. Simple, yet incredibly powerful in understanding your team’s cumulative interests.

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You’re Still In Control.
Stay Focused.
Stay Constructive.

We all know that during town hall meetings, there will always be questions that are completely unrelated to the topic of discussion or simply not constructive for better good of the organisation.

With curation features in Pigeonhole Live, your management team can now focus on the important questions, facilitating a highly engaging and constructive Q&A Session with your colleagues.

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It’s OK To Say
“I Don’t Know The Answers, Yet”.

That’s because all the responses on Pigeonhole Live can be exported into PDF and Excel formats.

Perfect for post-event follow-up with your team, especially on the questions that were not answered in time.

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Use Pigeonhole Live With Your Favourite Conference Calls.

As employees become more globally dispersed, it becomes less feasible to gather them in single location. While simple conference calls allow remote employees to listen in during a meeting, they have no way to directly participate in the activities of the meeting.

Pigeonhole Live is the missing piece in your conference calls. Your meeting participants from anywhere in the world can now participate and interact during your meeting, as if they were physically present at your meeting.

Interactive meetings can now truly take place anytime, anywhere.

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