Create your events, manage your Pigeonholes and collaborate with a team.

Set up events easily

Each event is setup within its own Pigeonhole. You can coordinate multiple events together at the same time easily.

Purchase or upgrade Pigeonholes

Start with our free Basic Pigeonhole or purchase a paid Pigeonhole with your credit card. Upgrade and get access to features available on higher Pigeonholes instantly.

Dedicated Workspaces

Experience dedicated Workspaces for your personal and team Pigeonholes. Switch between your Personal and Team Workspaces seamlessly when setting up and managing events.

More Workspaces features

Collaborate with your team

Invite your colleagues to share access to Pigeonholes. Setup and manage Pigeonholes together and access data collected.Annual and Enterprise Plans only

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Team access roles

Assign users with different access rights.Annual and Enterprise Plans only

Learn more about team access roles

Save time with templates

Use templates to create similar events quickly.Annual and Enterprise Plans only

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SAML-based Single Sign-On

Use your company's authentication provider for consistent and centralised access control.Annual Captivate and Enterprise Plans only

Support requests

Have questions? Reach out to our support team to assist you.

Help Centre

Learn how to setup and run your event interactivity with Pigeonhole Live. Perfect for immediate answers to your questions on everything Pigeonhole Live related.

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