Test Mode

* Previously known as Preview Mode

Try out your Pigeonhole setup

Turn on Test Mode to try out your event setup. Think of it as a “simulator”, where you can have a full tech run with Pigeonhole, without affecting your actual event settings. All the Q&As, Polls and Surveys on Pigeonhole will look and behave exactly as they would in the actual event, except in “Test Mode”.

Send a test question, or two

Post dummy questions, throw in some votes or fill up a feedback form. It doesn’t matter who, what, where, when, or how - they will disappear when your actual event starts.

Countdown timer

Keep track of the time you have left to preview your sessions. Use it to perfect your event flow during dry runs in the office, or onsite with the AV Crew, speakers and moderators.

Do a role play

We've prepared a handy checklist for you to refer to as you conduct your tech run. Take on an administrator’s role and filter questions submitted by the audience, or pretend to be the moderator and address the most voted questions. You can use Test Mode any time before your first session begins.

Test data will be cleared

All test questions and responses will disappear right before your session starts. Rest assured that your sessions will be as good as new.


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