Signing In

We made it incredibly easy for your audiences to get in. Because it's so easy and straight forward, you also don't have to spend valuable time at your event briefing your audiences.

There's no way to misintepret the instructions, it's simply:

1. Go to www.pigeonhole.at
2. Enter your event passcode.

Case-insensitive Passcode

We also made the passcode case-insensitive. Customise your event passcode to be meaningful, or cryptic.

One step sign-in

We can now customise this passcode page to be branded with your event logo or your company's corporate identity.

Custom Branding

Instead of www.pigeonhole.at, you can direct your audiences to go to yourcompany.pigeonhole.at. This is possible with some of our custom branding tiers. For questions on this, please reach out to your Account Managers or send us a support request through the Help Centre.


Get Started

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