Live Poll

Multiple choice

Get participants to share their opinions by voting, rating, and scoring, and have results show in real-time as visually-engaging charts.

Audience Web App

Collect real-time responses

Get instant results as your audience votes, rates, and scores on a topic of your choice.

Projector Panel

Energise audiences with live voting

Give audiences an element of excitement as they watch the charts shift while voting.

Audience Web App

A diverse pool of options

Get a choice of text, image, icon, and numeric voting to meet your unique polling needs.

Advanced features

Anonymity and Identity

Attract honest answers when participants get a choice to be anonymous or identified.

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Ability to schedule polls

Set dates and timings to open your polls for audiences.


Participants can connect with one another by commenting on polls.

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Review the votes, participation rate, and other useful data to measure the success of your poll.

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PDF and Excel reports

Download a professional ready-to-print PDF report to share; or Excel spreadsheet to easily sort, filter, and analyse your data.

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Test Mode for tech runs

Leverage on Test Mode to rehearse and test out poll questions with your team.

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Run consecutive questions

Organisers can create multiple questions in a poll option.

Push polls

Using Announcements, easily collect votes from hundreds of participants in mere seconds.

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Security and Privacy

Data is always encrypted in transit and at rest. Logically separated from other events, your data is also always private.

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