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Industry players and key stakeholders gather at your event to share and learn. With Pigeonhole Live, speakers can now effectively engage with your audience and move conversations forward.





Q&A Sessions Done Right

No longer restricted by a microphone. Everyone can now speak up, including the shy genius among your audience.

Public speaking anxiety. Fear of sounding silly. Long-winded questions. And more long-winded questions. These are some of the problems that have been plaguing Q&A sessions for the longest time ever.

With Pigeonhole Live, every audience can now ask questions that matter to them and let their voices ‘be heard’, even when they’re feeling a little shy.

Address the popular questions. Hit-or-miss at Q&A Sessions, no more.

Quality of Q&A Sessions often relies on the choice of questions posed by the moderator and the questions at the microphones. A good Q&A Session does not have to be left to chance.

Let your audience decide and vote for questions that interest them. Questions with higher votes will stand a better chance to be addressed by the Moderator.

Focused, Audience-driven Plenary Discussions.

Plenary discussions bring together the brightest minds across expertise areas for a cross-functional conversation. Yet, it is incredibly challenging to drive a well-balanced yet provoking discussion that addresses the audience’s interest, especially during the Q&A Session.

Pigeonhole Live is designed to bring the focus back to Plenary Discussions. With the audience posing their questions on Pigeonhole, event owners can weed out the inappropriate questions and only allow those that add value to the discussion.

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Works With Any Web Browser

The best “keypad” is in your audience’s pocket.

All features on Pigeonhole Live are designed to work beautifully in any Web browser and any mobile device. So, whether your audience members use a smartphone, tablet or the good old laptop, it works.

No downloads of event apps, no proprietary keypads, ever.

Minimum data usage.
Oh, and it won’t drain your battery life too.

There are way too many event apps that consume monstrous amounts of data, while draining the battery of your smartphones, a disastrous combo that will turn away any conference delegate from your event app.

With Pigeonhole Live, you will never have to worry about data usage and battery life of your gadgets. Our product engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure that Pigeonhole Live will always be a swift and truly interactive user experience for your audience.

Better yet, the cost remains the same whether or not you have a 250 or 2,500 people crowd. So go on and poll your audience. The more the merrier.

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Feedback Made Simple. And Quick

Surveys in bite sizes

Everyone loves giving feedback, just that sometimes the 10-pager paper survey could be a real turn-off.

Surveys in Pigeonhole Live can be designed for a specific presentation, plenary track, or just general matters like food and venue.

When the surveys are in bite sizes, it makes it easier for the audience to give a quick feedback, right there and then.

Literally “fresh out of the oven”.

Forget about sending out the survey URLs in your post-event emailers. Few of your audience will remember what they’ve experienced at the conference once they step out of the convention centre.

Designed to be a small yet powerful sub-feature, Pigeonhole Live’s Survey is not only simple for audience to provide feedback on their experiences at the event, it is also quick for organisers to collate these responses and act on them immediately.

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Improve Brand Recall.
Make Pigeonhole Yours.

Stand out from the rest.
Make every marketing dollar count.

Event Backdrops. Posters. Lanyards. Websites. Programme booklets. These are the places where your brand may appear, among the many other sponsors.

The question remains: is your brand really getting the best value out of the marketing dollar?

Custom Branding on Pigeonhole Live offers a subtle, yet immersive brand experience for your audience. Every time when they post a question or respond to a Poll on Pigeonhole, your audience will be interacting with your brand on their devices, as well as on the giant projector screens.

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Extend The Reach Of Your Event.

Perfect complement for hybrid conferences, webinars and live TV shows.

Being a Web-based application, Pigeonhole opens up a whole new possibility in integrating Live Audience Participation

Your audience from anywhere in the world can log on and contribute, as if they were physically present.

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